Coast To Coast Story

We both grew up dancing, beginning at age three, in our states, South Carolina and Michigan.  Always pushing ourselves towards the pursuit of our dreams, we moved to industry hub, Los Angeles, where we first met and became best friends.

Throughout all of our entertainment endeavors that have taken us across the world, individually, and together, we clutched dearly to the most important thing to us: genuine and uplifting relationship...



"our mission is to connect, inspire, and empower."


... Since what we were doing was ‘out of the box’ compared to where we came from, we knew we needed to support and push each other towards one another’s dreams - striving to be people who would fan others’ fire into flames.

It has become our mission to connect, inspire, and empower the people we encounter, just as we have been. Now, living on two ends of the coast, the mission is still the same- but now we are opening it up to the rest of you!  We are looking to share our confidence with you to help you inspire others to be their best selves, regardless if you are on the east or the west!


"inspire others to be their best selves, regardless if you are on the east or the west coast"